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Joe Turner 3D Game

Introducing the new game Pigeon Finder 5000!
This is a demo for a new 3D game based on the play Joe Turner's Come and Gone by August Wilson. Collect Eugene's pigeons as Reuben and give them to Bynum. But BE CAREFUL! The ghost of Eugene may still haunt the area. DON'T GET CAUGHT!

Here is the link for the Textured Version

Here is the link for the Faster Untextured Version

P.S. Ignore the up/down buttons.


Messing with 3D Graphics

Check out an html 3D...well...uhhh platform I guess...
Well it's a WIP. So far you can use W,A and D to move around so it's basically Halo without scenery, jumping, dialogue, aliens, walking backwards or a gun.

Here is the link:3D graphics in browser

P.S. Ignore the up/down buttons.

The new website is up! if you haven't noticed there is a new website complete with a new background, navigation, title, and content.

Evolution: The Life of a Cell now has a basic control demo. You can now pick your shape, color, and means of energy production. There is now a basic window with movement of the chosen cell.

Evolution Image

More information on the upcoming "Evolution: the life of a cell" game will be coming soon.