Evolution: The Life of a Cell


Evolution: The Life of a Cell is the first game to be created by Single Cell. It is a survival style game in which you have to produce energy and avoid being killed by viruses and other hostile things out in the harsh environment. You need energy to move. If you run out of energy you will be unable to move and will be stranded out in the open for viruses to attack you.


There are 3 ways to produce this energy and the way your cells makes energy is chosen at the beginning of the game. You can be a heterotroph (food eater), autotroph (photosynthetic), or a mix of both. Being an autotroph is great as you will theoretically run out of energy, but you produce energy at a slower rate and there are places in the cellular world where no light can come through. These places you will have to charge up before then charge through as fast as you can. Being a heterotroph is great because you gain lots of instant energy from any food that you manage to absorb. Of course there are some areas where food is scarce and if you run out of energy, there is no way to regenerate it. You just have to hope a blind food cell runs into you before the viruses do. Why not get the best of both worlds? You can choose to essentially be a cellular halfling! With the ability to produce energy naturally and consume food you are almost invincible! Just look out for dark areas with little food. But hold on there. This seems too good to be true. Sorry, but it is. You may produce energy and consume it but trying to hold all of those organelles just doesn't work that smoothly. You produce energy quite slowly which will lead to more wait time and you don't get nearly as much energy from a food cell as a normal heterotroph would. This looks like a rock paper scissors scenario to me. Just find what you are good at and spam that ability to your hearts content!


In nature cells evolve naturally to become more adapt to their environments to make surviving just that much easier. We at Single Cell thought about this and decided, why the hell not! Wee added DNA that can be picked up from other dead cells and can be found floating about. You can also get it from hitting certain achievements. Once you have enough you will level up. Each level you can upgrade stats and pick new abilities. increase speed, energy or health, and pick from abilities such as glowing in the dark (at the cost of some energy), or being able to kill those pesky viruses. What we think is the coolest part is the actual upgrade menu itself. You actually upgrade the organelles of the cell. For example, click on the mitochondria to modify energy production, or efficiency. Upgrade health by improving the cell wall. You will literally know your cell inside and out! The bummer is that these are valid biological terms so you will be forced to naturally pick up some information on cell biology. The good news is that it is all subliminal so you won't even notice how weird it is when your biology teacher overhears you complaining about how your stupid endoplasmic reticulum are the only barrier between your cell and a demigod.

"What I find to be really exciting about this game is how we base the main player's cell off of actual cell anatomy. When your playing this game you don't even realize that you are learning about the major organelles of a cell and what functions they have. The best part was that we didn't even have to try and incorporate it. What better way is there to play a survival game than being able to upgrade certain aspects of your character to make him better equipped for the unknown dangers that lie ahead?"
     - Caleb Hess (Founder of Single Cell)

What will you encounter out there?

there are many useful and harmful things floating about this cellular world. There are food cells, and DNA who will be your best friends. you will find dead cells who will be the hidden gems within the game. They have DNA, cell walls (health) and food but be warned, sometimes these cells are home to a colony of viruses. Viruses will be you sworn enemy. They will give you nightmares and haunt the thoughts of your every day life. Their goal is to attack you and invade you. You are their only method of reproduction and boy do they want to reproduce! There are many types of different threat levels but you will hate all of them. Finally you will find different areas or as we call them "spots." as of right now there are seven types of spots. There are the normal spots that cover most of the world. Nothing special about them, they are the basic world. Next are the dark spots. These have very little light, bad for autotrophs. It is also harder to see which can be challenging when having to deal with the traps within. Then are the black spots, no light. Unless you can produce light, run. They can be home to huge treasures but are very unsafe. Next come the environmental spots, hot spots and cold spots. These will slowly do damage to you depending on how resistant your cell is to the climate. Finally are the poison spots. These act much like the hot/cold spots except that the poison can stay with you even after you leave. Be careful with them unless you have immunities.