Meet the Team

Caleb Hess

Founder of Single Cell, lead programmer, lead web developer, lead graphics developer

Founded the organization on March 30th 2014, Born in Owosso MI on November 3rd 1995, moved to Henderson at the age of 1 year in 1996. Started playing with Game Maker at the age of 14. started programming in c++ at the age of 16. Started programming in Java in college at the age of 17. Is currently enrolled at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Computer Science. Plans on later getting a graduate degree specializing in artificial intelligence, and finally being wildly narcissistic (jokingly of course).

Enjoys many things such as gaming (Xbox, PC), graphics (Adobe Photoshop), game developing, designing web pages, giving everything borders (see what I did there?), chillin, running (which he is pretty damn good at), and wearing bow-ties (the ones that you can tie of course).

Amber Radzyminski

lead story board developer, programmer, graphic developer, apparel designer

Born in St. Albans VT, moved to Owosso at the age of 7 years in 2002. Always a gamer (Mostly Nintendo) but wasn't interested at all in programming until she met her current boyfriend in 2011. In 2013 she found an interest in pharmacy and decided to pursue that interest in college. She started at Michigan State University but transferred to Eastern Michigan University her second semester of college due to class size and distance. Started programming in Java at Eastern at the age of 18. Still pursuing a pharmacy degree with a biology major. Joined the team on April 14th 2014. Found the team through great contacts and has been loving it ever since. She helps in her free time with external game design and story ideas.

Enjoys many things such as gaming (Nintendo, Xbox, PC (world renowned at those diner dash games)), loves photography, loves to cook (...women), a great doodler, surprisingly does not enjoy biology that much, long walks on the beach, air conditioning, getting new phones, asking about her hair, singing in the shower, Cards Against Humanity, and swimming.


could be a programmer, graphic designer (please), or any kind of developer

This could be your information stating your whole life story in one paragraph on the internet... come on, you know it would be cool...

You could enjoy being a part of an amazing and fun team, helping to make games, and to make people happy, you would also enjoy finally having some type of meaning to your life...

To apply to the team please shoot me (Caleb) an email by using the email in that thing down there... what is it called?... .... ........... ..Footer! yea that